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Since Final Fantasy XIII is nothing more than going one way and easy fights against cyber future machines, I think it’d be nice to speak out, what a Final Fantasy makes a game to Final Fantasy.

So, I’ll make a list about every Final Fantasy I know and will mention, what I like, dislike and what makes it unique nya.

Final Fantasy I

Final Fantasy I

“Enter a whole new realm of challenge and adventure.”

I haven’t played the whole game of Final Fantasy I, because I had a version which crashed when my enemy or or someone else uses a black magic. That was a very high difficulty level till I came to a fire dungeon, where a boss enemy uses always a black magic nya. Uguuuuu~

In this game you can make at the start your own team with 4 parts and you can decide between 6 character classes: Warrior, Thief, Monk, Red Mage, White Mage and Black Mage.

The cliché team is Warrior, Warrior, Black Mage and White Mage. The characters don’t have single own stories, they are protecting the world as team. I call it, team random~

If I am right, is there a version for NES, for GBA, PSP and PS1. To be honest, the NES version looks even to me too retro like for a RPG.

But yeah, it was the first Final Fantasy and to this time was a round battle system very special between these Jump&Runs. The battle system was the most typical one and actually it was the same in Final Fantasy X2.

Story was not that spectacular, but though nice made.

Final Fantasy II

Final Fantasy II

The most difficulty Final Fantasy. Shino does agree with me, I gave up some years ago and he gave it up as well nya.

It can’t be helped. The battles aren’t that difficulty, but to follow the story was the difficulty thing there.

This is the first game, where you have your own characters with own story. But I don’t remember at all the story actually.

The level system is the most unique I’ve ever seen! If it’d be exist magic and monster, would this system be the most realistic. nyahaha~

When you got lots of damage in a battle, you got more maximum HP after the battle, if you use lots of magics, your magics become more powerful and you get more maximum MP.

This is a boss I’ve never reached nya. If I had get it to be there, I had called it “FRAU!?”.

One point to mention in this game is still that you go on the worldmap the first time, and if you go too far at the left site or too far ahead, you’ll meet enemies which will kill you with one hit and you can’t flee, so not reachable for the start.

I can’t say something about secrets in the first both Final Fantasy’s, because I didn’t come that far to get something special.

Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI is my favorite from the 2D Final Fantasy’s.  I have played this Final Fantasy the most time in my past nya. I really love the characters and the old classical artworks. The best on the game is though the BGM, the world map music is my life. It gives me a feeling of freedom and comfort.

It’s very special by Final Fantasy VI that there is actually not a maincharacter, who is always in the story. As first you are Terra, Wedge and Biggs in old design Mecha’s, then are you Terra alone, then are you Locke and later are coming more and more and the teams are splitting, get new members and you are always an other maincharacter. My favorite character is Sabin. I’ve called him always Satiro.

That reminds me, in Final Fantasy VI can you give every character you get in your team an own name.

I own the Playstation version and it’s a part of history!

In Final Fantasy VI was the name of the summonings (Shiva and Ifrit and these guys) Esper. For me personally is that the best name for summonings in Final Fantasy’s.

Final Fantasy VI was full with secrets, I never got everything in this game nya.

Sabin is the character who uses the “Blitz” technics like Pummel and Aura Bolt.

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII

I haven’t played it by myself, I watched Shino-nyan by playing it.

The first Final Fantasy in 3D with awesome story. I liked the Materia system.

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII was probably the easiest Final Fantasy to level your characters and beat the bosses. Your enemies are always leveling with you and if you are still a weak level but with strong magic equipments. It’s a unique thing there to equip magic to increase your status points and draw magics from enemies.

The best on Final Fantasy VIII wasn’t the good graphic or the great BGM, it was more the card game. I played it lots of hours, much more than the usual game nya.

What can I still say about Final Fantasy VIII? KAIBA, give it back to me!!!!!!!!

Final Fantasy VIII has the funniest transportation in all Final Fantasy’s.

When you want to visit a friend on an other island, why don’t you use the garden to go there? Nyahaha~

Otherwise are in Final Fantasy VIII really lots of secrets and it’s difficulty to get everything there.

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX

My favorite Final Fantasy nya. It gives a nice mediaevally feeling and the character design is very unique.

I know, Final Fantasy IX ist pretty unpopular becausen of the graphic, but I really love this graphic.

I have still played it some months ago. The card game there is kinda not understandable. I play it always just with my feelings and guesses. I just try to train my cards and beat the other card. But I love the card game after all. And compared with Final Fantasy VIII are there just 100 cards to collect and you can just have 100 cards in general, so you have to throw cards away if you want to have all cards and you have the same card more often.

Final Fantasy IX has the best Chocobo system. You can get a Chocobo and dig about items in the Chocobo forest. And your Chocobo can change the color if you find certain treasures on the wold map with your Chocobo.

When your character was attacked often, your character gets the Trance mode and becomes much stronger than before. I find it nice that Kuja gets the Trance too, because enemies usually never getting such modes to become stronger nya. Usually the human looking boss becomes to a big monster, which attacks you with laser from other planets or something like that.

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X

The first Final Fantasy for PS2. It has awesome graphic and you need a long time to make a mega gameplay as well. And it’s the first Final Fantasy with characters with own voices, although I wish they would have in all versions the Japanese original voices. But it’s okay, as by Devil May Cry games and Grandia.

I think it’s quite unique there that you can change the equip while the battle and you can change your characters while the battle too nya. This game is only based on rounds of actions.

Final Fantasy X doesn’t have a world map, where you can move by yourself. That’s a negative thing there in my eyes. World maps is very important for me. A place where you are when you leave a dungeon or a city, where you can always save and use a tent.

Ah and there is this feature to use certain weapons to catch monsters, after a certain count of catched monsters, you can fight against a overpowert version of it. That’s very nice!

Aeons (Bestias) are there own characters and not just summonings. They are a part of the story nya.

The run away system is there different too, because you need to learn as first the skill for it.

The sphere board (Sphäro-Brett) is the secret to make a game endless. But yeah, that’s very nice too!

Final Fantasy X-2

Final Fantasy X 2

Final Fantasy X 2 was to a big part a fanservice game. It was full with mini games, costume sphere fanservice and easy battles. In the later time I was able to win every battle, just when I hold the X button nya…

I don’t have much to say to this game, then the story was strange and the battle system was like in the first Final Fantasy’s.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

I have heard it should be impossible to get it alone……..I don’t agree with this. Probably it’d be more difficulty to play it with an other person, but I would have more fun then nya.

You can make your own characters and to be honest, I must really laugh about the classes, because on of them is called Yuke. Hehe~ So, I have started to play the game with every character classes. So, I end one dungeon with a classes and after that I play this dungeon 3 times again with the 3 other classes and this 3 times. So every dungeon 3 times with every character, so I have to play every dungeon 12 times and it gets more difficulty after every time.

The design of the enemies are the same as by Final Fantasy IX, so I was really impressed to have Iron Giant and Morbol as enemy bosses.

About similarities in Final Fantasy.

Cactuar (Kaktor)








Wedge & Biggs






The after battle BGM, when you have won a fight is always the same, just a bit different nya.

I guess that was it nya. I hope I haven’t forgot something. If that’s the case, please let it me know.

Neko Syounen Satiro-nyan~

5 Gedanken zu “About Final Fantasy in general

  1. Great article! I really enjoyed reading it. ^^

    My love for FF started with the original. Someone I know had it and I played it and really liked it, but then I didn’t play many RPGs after that for a long time. Finally I got a chance to play FFVII, it was really popular and lots of people were talking about it so I decided to give it a chance. It really got me interested in RPGs and FF again after many years and to this day I call it my favorite RPG of all time. It’s definitely the RPG I’ve spent the most time thinking about over the years. The characters and setting were very memorable and the music and story were great.

    I didn’t get a chance to play FFVIII or IX because I don’t own a PlayStation (I had to borrow someone’s PlayStation to play VII). I did watch someone play part of VIII but I’ve never even seen IX firsthand, only in pictures.

    I think FFX is my second favorite FF game. I really liked the Sphere Grid system and I spent many hours unlocking the entire grid. By the time I got to the last boss it was ridiculously easy because I was too powerful. xD

    FFX-2 was okay, just a fun little side story after FFX. It was weird to see Yuna with guns! O.o

    I liked Crystal Chronicles, I thought it was a good game. It’s the same type of game as Phantasy Star Online, which I also loved. I made several different characters but my first (and main) character was a Clavat (human). The only thing I didn’t like about FF:CC was that you needed a Game Boy for each player if you wanted to play multiplayer. Since I only had one, I could never play the game with anyone and always had to play it by myself! Boo~

    Moogles and Chocobos are very cute and Cactuars are always funny. I know there’s a Cid in every game, but to me the “real” Cid will always be the one from FFVII. :D

  2. A few years back I was playing FF Tactics Advance and did really enjoy it. The tactic elements made the fights quite tricky (how to position your party members etc.) I also tried Tactics for PSP but it was way too difficult for me ^_^”

    Yesterday I was over at a friends place and was testing FFXIII … well awesome graphics, nice render scenes, but the gameplay was somehow left alongside the way :(
    The fights don’t really feel like Final Fantasy anymore (you can just controll 1 character -.-) But of course this is just a brief first encounter expierience ;)

  3. “I haven’t played the whole game of Final Fantasy I, because I had a version which crashed when my enemy or or someone else uses a black magic.”
    That’s no good =[ I never got to finish this Final Fantasy either, because my file became erased, and now I do not even know where the game is.
    My favorite of the 2d Final Fantasy games was FFIV, which I believe was released as FFII in North America. It had been my first Final Fantasy game and was quite fun. ^_^
    Final Fantasy IX was one of my favorites too, though I'm not certain of which was the one I liked best. Hehe, I always enjoyed how there's someone named Cid in FF games, I wonder if there was ever one without a Cid.
    Very nice article! =]

  4. Eine sehr schöne Zusammenfassung der Final Fantasy Reihe. Es bringt echt wieder gute alter Erinnerung zurück, wenn ich mir das hier so durchlese. Bei vielen Sachen musste ich lachen, besonders bei FRAU!?. Echt schade, dass wir in Teil 2 nie soweit gekommen sind um gegen FRAU!? zu kämpfen.

    Ansonsten ist mein Lieblingsteil ja FF 7. Die Story wie auch das Kampfsystem fand ich hier ganz einfach am aller besten. Das Materia System ist unschlagbar. Man hatte wirklich die Chance jede Materia öfters zu besitzten, sogar jede Beschwörung. Man musste sich nur die Zeit nehmen diese einfach unendlich lange zu trainieren. Ein wirklich geiles Game für einen Megaspielstand.

    Ansonsten fand ich Teil 10 besonders genial. Diesen Teil spiele ich ja sogar immer noch um alles zu erreichen was möglich ist.

    Alte Final Fantasy Teile sind einfach wunderbar. Nur die heutigen sind leider keine Games für echte Final Fantasy Fans.

  5. Nice article! Well organized!

    The Final Fantasy games that I played were 7 and 10.
    My first FF game was 7 and that was one of my favorite games ever.
    I never heard anyone say that they didn’t like FF7.
    Oh yeah, and I like the FF7 movie that came out with it too. Although, it didn’t have much to do with the story plot.

    The 2nd game was FF10. I’m glad I bought this game. By the time when 10 was out, I was hearing that FF games were losing it’s quality. When I played 10, I liked it from the start.

    I also played FF10-2. At first, I quit playing this game the first 10 minutes because it was way different from how I expected. I mean, like it said above “Final Fantasy X 2 was to a big part a fanservice game. It was full with mini games, costume sphere fanservice and easy battles. In the later time I was able to win every battle, just when I hold the X button nya…”
    Yuna changed her personality completely.

    I also played FF Crystal Chronicles with my friend. It was a fun adventure game to me. I was the black mage and I always supported my friend from the back. Although my friend didn’t really need my help (^^;), it was fun playing the game.

    Right now, the new game FF13 came out and I’m already not hearing good comments. I guess I’ll just watch my friend play the game and see what people were talking about.

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