Most popular traps~

Trap pillow

Anyone may know, I love traps and crossdress characters, so I’ll introduce the best from the best.

If I forgot about an important trap, well then I’m even fail.^^~

The first is Watarase Jun

Jun underwear

Sure, he’s my favorite and Watarism is with me. He’s from Happiness! and from the Eroge with the same name nya.



The current trap Hideyoshi from Baka to Test. Hot!!!



Sora is my favorite loli trap and he’s endless cute.



Well, Bridget would be a good trap, if he wouldn’t look that strange in game artworks.



My Thoto! Thoto is the Neko Syounen multi eye color trap. He’s endless cute!

Hayate no Jousou maido


Well, this is not the maid outfit, but still trap outfit nya.



A funny trap~



He’s a mean and nasty trap, but very hot!

Yakumo Hamaji


Hamaji is great! Although he has a manly breast, he’s very cute!

Miyanokouji Mizuho


Oppai trap? Well, I know he’s very popular after all.



Hehehehe, if you didn’t know it yet that this one is Cruz, then you should know, you are officially trapped!

Tendouin Ui


Loli Neko trap………………… want!

Decide which trap you do like as most!

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Neko Syounen Satiro-nyan~

8 Gedanken zu „Most popular traps~

  1. Eine schöne Zusammenfassung der bekanntesten Trap Charaktere. Ich habe natürlich für Jun gestimmt. Immerhin bin ich ja Watarist! Auch wenn einige andere auch verdammt moe sind, einige vielleicht sogar noch mehr als Jun selbst. Jedoch ist und bleibt Jun für mich die beste Trap überhaupt! Aber ich merke schon, dass Hideyoshi wohl auch besonders beliebt ist ^^
    Hideyoshi ist auch wirklich toll!

  2. I selected Maria because of his sister^^. I liked Hideyoshi as a character but I didn’t find him (or his sister) as cute as most of the female cast of the series (Mizuki, Shoko or Minami).

  3. I voted for Jun because Jun is my most favorite trap now and forever^^
    Jun fills my heart with happiness~
    I LOVE Jun~~

  4. They are all very cute. Mako-chan and Hayate are very funny. They made me laugh alot. Jun is very populair. May the best win

  5. The eroge that I play recently have some traps too.
    The traps in the eroge that I played so far were all funny.

    I watched the Hayate no Gotoku. I was laughing so hard when I saw hayate dressed up as a girl. It looked better than I thought.

  6. hideyoshi,Bridget,and Jun is so popular right?
    everyone love them most!

    Well,but the other like Yakuno,Thoto,Cruz,Sora
    (and of course the tsundere Sora and our lovely Hayate~)
    is really really kawaii!! >w<

  7. I love Yakumo Hamaji!!! Im sorry but I find him alot cuter than Jun! I told my friend (Who he love Jun like ALOT!! and yesh he knows Juns a boy~ xD)
    and He thought he wa very adorable too~

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