What makes an Eroge good?

Obviously is one point the story. I think we all know the story of 11Eyes~

The story is cool and sad. But story alone don’t make a good Eroge yet, ne~?

So, what do we need, if we don’t understand Japanese, to make an Eroge good? Characters which we find hot/moe! The best is, we make a harem, where we find for anyone a personal character.

So, hyper moe character with standard Oppai, a moe loli character, a shy character with relative big Oppai and a hot Sensei character with the biggest Oppai. A harem would be a good start to live in. Do we need a trap too?

Well, not anyone wants traps in Eroge’s, but I do. So, important are many different character types anyway.

For myself it’s the best as in ??????????

Interesting is in the same game this way:


In that case can you decide the character you want to be with again and again, by the one before you decide it from the very beginning and won’t change till you’re done nya.

An other version is it by ?????????? though.

In that case you choose a character story from the beginning, but it can come H scenes with different characters. To have a complete savegame, you need to play with every character through!

Yeah, if you choose Jun, you can do nice incest things…

Popotan is much more difficulty!


Ohhhhh Mii and Unagi!!!!!!!


No officer, I’m not the guy you are searching for! Please don’t look at me like that.

Anyway, in Popotan you have to go the ways by your own. I am pretty much used to just make decisions and not to go around!


The next what comes to my mind are good Ecchi scenes with very hot Oppai or flat chests, also cute bra and Pantsu scenes!


But to have fun is important to! I still remember the time where I’ve played Tears to Tiara and Shino-nyan has played Princess-Hunting Dungeon Meister, that were great times nya!

These were RPG Eroge’s which made endless fun~ Although these are better as RPGs than as Eroge’s.

Generally sex is always boring for me in Eroge’s. What I do like is anal and Paizuri.

That’s just a thing of taste, but that’s what I like.

Neko Syounen Satiro-nyan~

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  1. Don’t know much about eroge, but one thing is certain, anime based on eroge aren’t the best.

    11eyes was really bad… din’t like it at all and Popotan, i just like the character designs XD

  2. For me, I usually like any eroge if it has Moe/Ero.
    Recent games that I play are:
    ???? ~Marginal Skip~
    All of these have moe in them.

    For trap characters, I’m not into those much. Although I admit that there are some funny/good ones.

    Oh yeah~. 11eyes. I didn’t like that anime too. It was so weird.

  3. I don’t know anything about eroge since I never play them, but in my opinion what makes an eroge good, like any other game, in the end is how much you enjoyed playing it. That comes from a combination of things: the story, the characters, and the overall quality and fun factor. Each of those things contributes to the game and without those things the game will suffer!

  4. Good points, I agree on most of it ( I think you know witch ones I dont ^^ )

    I really liked „Wanko to Kurasou“ if you’ve ever played it? Great artwork, funny, very good story, much information and alike of characters and very good sex scenes ^^

    Paizuri is great, indeed. (If i got the correct answer for it on urban.D)

  5. I would adore knowing the titles of ALL the games you got the images from ~<3

  6. I also wanted to find out where your photos are from. I know the forth is the „boy trap“ from a VN, but mainly I’d like to know which VN’s are the 3rd, 5th, and 6th photos from?

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