Merry Christmasu~


It’s almost the time, the Christmas time nya.

I know, in Japan is Christmas since a few years popular.

Christmas for the shota fans:


Christmas for loli fans:

Moe (2)

And Christmasu for Oppai-fans:

moe 88254 animal_ears bra cleavage erect_nipples hontani_kanae mihama_hitsuji natsu_yume_nagisa nekomimi pantsu shimapan tail

I just wondering about Christmas presents nya. What is the dream of every Otaku?

I presented Neo-chan once  a lot of loli catgirls and shota catboys.

Would Neko or Shino be happy about it as well or could I find a better one nya?

Usually it’s always something game-like, but I don’t have enough money for games this year. I remember, I presented Shino Tales of Eternia with the best gift wrap which you can wish nya. I think happier that by this moment, am I not able again…..just with lots of loli catgirls and shota catboys.

I guess you want to know, what I wish to Chistmas. Nihaha

A neko mimi heater, shota design (special edition) for the cold days outside:


And Jun for the hot days inside:


Anyways, I hope you all will get very nice presents, while some of you will get presents from me nya.

Have a merry Christmasu~

19 Gedanken zu „Merry Christmasu~

  1. mhh Jun hat schon wundervolle Füsse
    Und sehr schönes Haar
    und Augen in denen man sich verlieren könnte
    einen knackigen Po
    ein schönes Dekolleté…

    Entschuldigt mich.
    Frohe Weihnachten und allen Otakus einen Wohlgefallen ^^

  2. Ich find Das Oppai Bild Und loli bild geil ! *-* voll so ein NSWF-effekt ^-^‘
    achso jah Merry Christmasu ~ de arimasu ! Achja schöner blog hier ö__ö
    ich werd wohl noch öfter vorbeischauen ! \^_^/

  3. And lovely pics they were Sati-chan ^_^ Merry Christmas my friend and may you find happiness in the new year

  4. Merry Christmas to you, dear friend! ^_^

    I sincerely hope you have a wonderful holiday, and that your days are filled with happiness and love. Season Greetings to you, from you friend, Ucho ^^

    Thinking of you during the holiday season,
    UchoFan1 and Mrs. UchoFan1

  5. Merry Christmas, Satiro! ^_^

    I hope you have a great day and I wish you happy holidays!

  6. lol. neko mimi warmer.
    could use one of those on a cold day. ^.^

    There’s nothing that puts me in a better christmas mood than nice feel-good hentai.

    Happy X-mas.

  7. Merry christmas and happy holiday my friend.^~^
    I look forward to blog you created in future and hope you can keep it up(omedeto akemaste).

  8. Merry Christmas, Satiro!
    May the loli and mimikko power be with you ^_^

  9. Late, but Meruri Kurisumasu!

    That… and Choco-chan is mine XD

    Nice pics, I love the choco one, then the loli one, then the shota one, then the others fall into place nya XD

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