What a day~

The coming weekend is the AniMa Haro Light 06 in Rostock and we’ll be there!

At the same time aren’t Shin-Shin’s parents at his home, so we decided that I’ll spend my weekend there and start from Thursday, as well to avoid the problems currently at home…

Unfortunately is today „Herrentag“ as well… That means all dumb idiots and alcohol addicted „normal“ peoples go around and drink till they puke! That really grinds my gears!!!!!! Always when I go outside on that day, I see every location full of „normal“ people which are not more able to still to stay without to fall down. Every of them has a bottle of alcohol and a cigarette in a horde of other idiots who looks all completely same.

Oh crap, cut this shit!

Nyu, I should think positive….

After a moe loli yuri kissu a moe syota kissu.

Much better!

I hope we’ll have lots of fun on the convention!

Neko Syounen Satiro-nyan~

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