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Poor loli, she has always to dance for me. I’m to a big part a Music-Otaku, so it’s very nice to have something I can look at while I listen to the music nya. Usually I always use VLC Player to listen to music, I used to use the Windows Media Player just for very big playlists. I have just seen, that I’ve a certain design for my music on Windows Media Player and now I won’t use any other player for music anymore.


As first get it from here nya.

Step 1

Well, I guess I’m the only one who configurated the windows with such a color.

But the buttons are colored by myself nya.

You have to click the green one, click on the same  button 2 times more and you’ll reach this area:

Step 2

Again the green button and it’ll install it nya.

When the install is finished, please open a music file with Windows Media Player.

Step 3

Make a rightclick on the „Show window“ and click the Japanese letters, which weren’t there before nya.  Decide by yourself which is the best for you, but I don’t see much differences after all.


Before I forget it, this is from the Eroge Musumaker/?????? ????? and the program is from the great homepage from Digitalcute.

And I own this Eroge, so I have this version of dancing loli:

Full nya

Neko Syounen Satiro-nyan~

5 Gedanken zu „Windows loli Player

  1. Jetzt macht Windows Media Player doch gleich viel mehr spaß. Also lasst die Lolis tanzen!

  2. Haha. Never seen something like this before o_O
    Cool information you have there. Gonna try this cute little tidbit =D

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