On the research about a new adventure~

MMORPG Shino and me used to play Ragnarok Online since some years and it was the game we played as most, but somehow it’s boring now and we don’t care in any way about it anymore, so I think we should look about a new MMORPG.

I’ll list which ones I have thought about and discarded from my ideas, surely I’ll mention the few one/s which I really want to play with Shino as well. And I’ll list the ones which is hype from every site, but there’s no way I would play that.

As first I’ll show again Ragnarok Online, cause it was the best for me. Though now I know every dungeon, every monster, every map and I know after all, with 2 peoples we aren’t able to reach high goals. At the end I was just proud of my own made moe guilds and my Watarase Jun fanclub.


Makai Senki Disgaea

Otaku no Moe

Watarase Jun Fanclub

I’ve seen just a few other guilds I really liked, as sample the Lucky Star guild of my good Japanese friend Uma-chan~

Ragnarok Online was 2D and had a very comfortable gameplay with pretty rarely laggings. What I disliked was that there was beside Shino and me just 2 kinds of players, the ones who think they are funny and the ones who think they are cool… The ones who are thinking they are funny give theirself names like *-strawberry-cake-* or joghurtking95. The „cool“ ones call theirself like -=*silentdeatch91*=- or +-sephiroth-+.

Then I can say, hey, what a unique name! In comparing to your name is my name pretty often to see. They would say then something like

„u r japanase, a germ can nev wrte a nam lik that“

You shouldn’t rape English, you should speak it!

Anyway, RO was lots of fun, but we know every dungeon already. Although it was funny to go with 2 non rebirth characters, Rogue and Priest in dungeons, where they need 5 rebirth classes in a party to  survive.

We tried already Secret of the Solstice. After about 7 hours downloading and 10 hours updating we finally tried it out.


It’s pretty much like RO, just worse design. We did quit it though, then the motivation was down after 3 hours.

xenepic online

*uses a random video from the game*

Well, I can’t read Japanese yet, but I get that’d be a great game! The only problem, I find only one way to download it and the download needs about 3 days…….. lol

I won’t give up to get it though. It looks so awesome to me~

Grandia Online

Grandia Online

Grandia 1 was genius and Grandia Online seems to represent pretty much my dream of living.

Grandia male

A game with kawaii Syouta character design and animal ears. Moe!!!! I haven’t seen much about the gameplay, but cause it’s Grandia, it’ll be pretty good! And Liete is in that game as NPC as well. I wanted to play it, but it was impossible to register for that game…

At the end we started Bright Shadow.

Well, I played it before a couple of times with Sham-nyan. I have made now a new account with Shino-nyan~

Anyway, it’s a great game! You don’t have to pay for playing and it’s a good 3D-2D mix. You hae one character slot per account, but you could buy more slots.

I have made Watarase Jun and she’ll/he’ll become a Demon Slayer! But for now, she/he is damn moe!
I think that was it for now.

Neko Sounen Satiro-nyan~

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  1. I don’t have much experience with MMOs so I can’t recommend anything. ^^; The only online game I played, Phantasy Star Universe, taught me that MMOs are a huge time sink. Even though I had a lot of fun and made many friends there, I don’t think I have the motivation to play another game like that soon. It really does take away a lot of your free time. For someone like me with a full time job, that time is precious and could probably be spent better somewhere else. Anyway, I hope you have good luck finding a new game to play! :)

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