Random blah about H


I’ve got a week ago almost all stuff from the artist Pop, which I’ve searched already many months nya.

What can I say about it? The most of them are not-H, but ecchi nya.

Few nipple and Manko scenes, but many many pantsu shots.

But those nipple scenes are very hot!!!!!!!!!!


This does happen, when Koyori becomes loli!


There were an old artbook from Moetan with many English written things which makes me think about it.

It does let me think on loli fantasies and funny things.


Older generation:


New generation:


I don’t wear eyeglasses. nyahahaha

Okay, I am not an Japanese Otaku,  but I think I am very own of my way desu yo~

But yeah, I am fat and sweaty.


Hm, Tendouin Ui is my primary school boyfriend nya.


And as he would show me his primary school, I have seen Index. I have knew her from before, but I was sure, she would not remember because it is fate for her to forget all. I thought I hould follow her in dressing room and speak to her, if she is fine, but she has just bitten my hand. Auuuuuu kawaii omochikaeri!!!!!!!!!!!


Now I can understand this picture:


But there is nothing about Ui-nyan.


I did it and I am not yet catched from the police even I have done that as she taked a bath. There were my other little sisters too.



My little sister is this:


I would really hug her a lot nya.


But it was not embarrassing desu yo~


There I wonder, what must you do to work as „Comicket Planning Office“?

Is there a mighty „Comicket Planning Office family“ with an violent father, an creepy but nice mother, an cute Oppai daughter with an secret and an moe and actually annoying Imouto character? And they would have maids nya.


I know the cause!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chupacabra!!!!!! You was it nya!!!!!!!!!!!!! You transformed in a cute loli and you went to Tokyo to destroy many things of an mysterious way!


„You have a younger sister.“

„Yeah, but she doesn’t live here nya.“


„What means this way you look at me? I won’t introduce her to you!“



„It’s your own fault, as I introduced you to Elen. There she was still loli and you did take her to your home and hugged her so long until she was not loli anymore and doesn’t have an own personality anymore nya. “

Okay, for now enough of loli, traps are important too nya.

I love Minato!!!!!!!!!!


And I have a favorite artist in the way of shota-trap doujinshi nya. The name is  Syumatsusyorijou.


Those both are boys desu yo~ They are very cute and they must wear such clothes.

I am usually not a big fan of the artworks from Gamble Club, but this catgirl is very hot!!!!


And this Koboshi and Rizel Doujinshi is very hot and moe.


My favorite Oppai artwork is from Misty Isle. That are hot Oppai’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And that’s my favorite boyish girl artwork nya.


And look at this:


I love it how she does show us her pantsu nya.

So and the last thing is my favorite loli Doujinshi artist, Takase You.

I am a very big fan of Takase-sama since I know the first artwork I have ever seen nya.


Takase 2

10 Gedanken zu „Random blah about H

  1. So cute my friend, YOu dont need pantsu to make it a wonderful post, your cute kittygirl made it all worth the time for me, and i lol’d at the chupacabra

  2. Ich weiß nicht ob das noch unter Grenzwertig fällt XD
    Ihr riskiert wirklich dresche wegen dem Blog.

    Wenns so weiter geht fang ich an vollständige Loli Doujinshi reinzustellen XD Geht der Blog wenigstens mit nem Knall unter *hust

    Aber danke für die Bilder, richtig angenehm anzuschaun ^^

  3. Ein sehr toller und lustiger Blogeintrag. Wie ich es von Satiro gewohnt bin.

    @ Red
    Ja, ich finde auch Satiro hat hier bisschen übertrieben mit Lolicon. Sowas wird aber nicht die Regel. Und richtige Hentai Szenen wird es hier nicht geben. Aber es geht immerhin um das Thema Hentai und Nippel sieht man auch im Fernsehn von daher.

    In Zukunft wird sich dieser Blog etwas mehr zurückhalten denn er soll ja nicht zu gemacht werden müssen.

    @ Chupacabra
    Japp, der ist sowieso immer an allem Schuld.

  4. *cough*
    The thing i liked most was Pedro.
    Im not that fond of lolis…Next time make the girls a lil older ok?^^;;;

  5. „Two shota traps does not a loli make“ – Old japanese proverb. :D

    Btw. there was a number of nice ecchi scenes of Index in the anime. I’m currently watching it. I kinda wish there were ecchi scenes of Komoe as well. I just adore Komoe.

  6. Don’t have word to say but only two word want to say right now for you my friend“Good work“.

  7. I loved Index, kinda disappointed with the new series as she has not been included with the storyline, but other then that it is also good.

    Love loli’s, then traps, then shota’s so I like this post XD

    Pedro brought back memories in the few anime’s he has been in, mainly Excel Saga (although there has been others) nya ^^

    Takase You is also my favorite shota artist, alot of his work however I cannot find for the life of me uguu T.T I want his doujinshi with Chocolate (catboy) in it nya T.T

    All in all I love the post nya ^^

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