Watarase Jun’s Hit Mix 1-3


I have made my own CDs, so I want to show it to you all nya! It’s a mix of my favorite songs, BGMs and themes.

The start picture is the cover front and this is the back page:


And the CD itself is looking like that:


Here is the Link to my first CD.

This is my second CD cover:

CD Cover 2

CD 2 back cover:

Jun Back 2

CD 2 itself!

Jun CD 3 Cover

CD 3 Back

And finally CD 3!!!

Neko Syounen Satiro-nyan~

2 Gedanken zu „Watarase Jun’s Hit Mix 1-3

  1. Fist and Second CDs are very good, but i dont like the Third One, sorry :P
    Looks very professional.

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