A little bit from anything~


I want to talk about things, which I would reply if someone is asking me „How is everything?“, so I speak a bit about things, which are in my mind nya.

Characters I love currently as most:

Thoto, my little snuffy catboy trap.  He’s looking like a girl, but though like a boy nya.

Auuuuuuuu~ Kawaii, Omochikaeri!


Mashiro from Tayutama, I have a weakness for kitsune mimi and shippo.

She’s so cute nya!


Choco, shota catboy~

The rest of the picture is not allowed for you! Just for me nya! Choco is mine!!!!


And surely Watarase Jun~


We quited YuGiOh in real life and started online.

Who had thought, that online are the most noobs nya?

So you can say, you pay money to beat peoples with meta decks and no skill.

My current favorite Softhouse Eroge, with Azu-nyan, Cecily Cambell and Mugi-chan.


Oh and I’ll get a Neko Mimi winter head! I look forward to it, then I’ll wear it often nya.

And I won’t post a picture, because I don’t have the copy right  from this person. nyahahaha

A flashback showed me, Tsundere’s were always there, even in my past nya.


So, I need more style in this article, so watch this!

And my favorite Tales of OP:

Ah and I don’t use Firefox anymore, I use from now on Opera~

It’s a good internet browser nya!

Ah, my HF friends increased today to 203! And I am still able to manage them nya.

And I have my own Eroge-upload friends, so when I have a request, I’m sure, I’ll get it nya.

So, that’s enough random blah for now.

I wasn’t able to sleep, so I just wrote here current things with random blah.


8 Gedanken zu „A little bit from anything~

  1. Thoto and Choco, you showed me them already. ^^ Is it just a coincidence they have such similar names?

    That’s not Cecily Cambell in that picture, is it? Certainly it’s not the same Cecily Cambell from a certain anime, and one which I am currently using as my MSN DP? :p

    Hey it’s Akane-chan from Ranma 1/2! That was a good show, I watched it many years ago.

    I won’t forgive Namco Bandai for not releasing Vesperia on PS3 in NA/EU. They released it in Japan but they won’t release it here! >.<

    I haven't tried Opera so I can't comment on that.

  2. Yeah, I did~
    Well, Choco and Thoto don’t have somethimg to do with each other nya.
    I guess „_ho_o“ is beloved to use by catboys. Shoto would be then my catboy name. nyahahaha

    Stukasa-Onee-chan, you have read my earlier article, haven’t you?
    I like it to call certain characters with names from characters, who look similar nya. That’s more or less a habit from me.
    And why should exist an Eroge from K-ON! and The Sacred Blacksmith?^^
    I must just think on Cecilly when I see her. Don’t you find they look similar nya?
    Hm, what do you mean with MSN DP? Do you mean your avatar there?

    Yeah, we talked once about Ranma 1/2 and it’s actually very typical, but from friends around Germany, are you the only who watched it nyu.

    Yes, I agree! Tales of Vesperia had enough potential to become my favorite Tales of, but it can’t be helped when we can’t play it, because Japanese is still a language I am not able to read yet and I’ll need for sure more years to read it.


  3. Thoto ist moe moe moe moe !!!

    Aber Watarase Jun ist die beste Trap überhaupt. Bei dem Gif bekomme ich jedesmal Nasenbluten.

    Achja und was ist das schon wieder für ein tolles Eroge? Sieht nach etwas aus was ich unbedingt spielen müsste!

    Die Battle Moon Wars Attacken sind sowieso immer viel zu geil. Aber die mit dem Catgirl kannte ich noch gar nicht. Da gab es ja sogar noch massig Pantsu Shots.

    Ja ja, mach wir wieder Bock auf weitere Tales Of Teile. Dabei spielen wir doch Tales Of The Abyss schon nie weiter <.<

  4. Yep, Thoto ist!

    Naja, das ist das Eroge mit Azu-nyan, erinnerst du dich nya?
    Aber sei vorgewahrnt, das ist Azu-nyan mit Oppai, für mich persöhnlich ist das wie eine etwas ältere Azu-nyan, gefällt mir trotzdem sehr.

    Naja, da gibt es doch 3 Teile von und es ist schon schwer vom ersten alle zu sehen nya.

    Tales of Vesperia sieht auch zu genial aus….


  5. I love mashiro from Tayutama! She definitely is cute.
    I love the kitsune-mimi stuff. I wish she was living with me.

    I’m also working on getting the same Softhouse eroge as you have posted above.

    Tsundere are always the best. At least, for me anyways.

    Seems like you’re getting a neko-mimi huh? Well, I’m happy for you!

  6. Guten Tag mien Freunde!

    Ha! My best attempt at German. I can see that cat girls are to your likening. As for the Yu Gi Oh, not my thing. I do admit I did, once, played Magic and the Star Was card games but that’s about it. As for old anime’s, as you know, Magic Knight Rayearth is still by far my favorite and Fuu Hououji is still unbeatable for my affection. I do like to watch the occasional Gundam series and lots DBZ. I play lots of game but Final Fantasy, for nostalgia reasons, is my favorite series of game I like to play. Well there is a little but more about me.

    From one of your 203 (and counting) HF friends, this is Shane signing off.

  7. Mashiro = Super Moe :) I believe in the Anime, she is voiced by the same person who voiced Miyuki-san in ‚Lucky-Star‘, so even more Moe for her :3

    xD Azunyan, Mugi-chan and some random girl…in the words of Admiral Akbar…“It’s a Trap!“

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