Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi Review

Welcome to the world of Taiga the Wolf, Red Riding Hood, and The Hunter.

As first it seemed like a senseless storyline, but after thinking about it, I have seen that it’s more than just a senseless story. This anime is based on German fairy tales (Märchen) from the brothers Grimm. I don’t know that many of them, but I know the typical ones.

I remember that I once had a conversation with Stuka-Onee about it.

Anyways, to the episode:

Right at the beginning we’re chasing Random Guy A, who runs away from Taiga the Wolf.

A fight is about to happen.

But before the fight, the reason to fight! Red Riding Hood is already there too, by the way~ She looks similar to the loli teacher in To Aru Majutsu no Index.

Look look, she stalked the stalker!

And a fight begins~

Random Guy A VS. Taiga the Wolf

I thought they would fight like that until the end, but someone helps Taiga the Wolf. If someone wants to help, throw a stone.

It knocks the knife away, giving her a free chance for a 1-hit Neko punch~


Every fairy tale has its own teller. In this case it’s Kuroko, who often makes Taiga the Wolf and Red Riding Hood more upset.

Secret stairs behind a wardrobe, that’s pretty much Bio Hazard style!

In the secret base, the next unknown main characters are already waiting.

He should get a job at Wagnaria!

She looks cool and I can imagine that there will be hot scenes later too.

An Oppai maido, the first thought I had: Mikuru

These characters should be in „Tales of“ games! But yeah, I really look forward to later episodes with more stories about them nya.

The first time I’ve seen a tsundere doing boxing training! EXTREME!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder if this pirate will become a main character later in the story as well. Did he lose his eye while boxing?

She’s really as flat as you expect her to be!

Finally, the male main character appears, but he’s unbelievably scared of people. He falls into Taiga the Wolf, who does not have a good opinion about him.

During the conversation he is very unstable~

Unfortunately this character has the wrong reasons to like Taiga the Wolf. Especially since he said he likes that she’s manly~

Taiga the Wolf lives together with Red Riding Hood, who keeps calling her Onee-sama. She’s very interested in the love life of Taiga the Wolf.

Introducing the main character in front of many other main characters isn’t that good for him either.

Since Taiga the Wolf knows he’s a stalker after all,  she can’t trust him.

They seem to be an organization that helps people. The system is, when they help someone, they have to help the organization also. One hand washes the other one. Hehe~

The first job is about a tennis ace, who is injured now and can’t play anymore. A cute girl asked about help for her senpai~

In the past she met him and got very motivated by watching him.

With this face, he could really become a character from K-ON!!!

Wow, we can see both characters‘ flat chests right in the first episode! And while on a mission, no less!

The plan is to stop him from leaving the tennis club, so they need to steal some papers from this tennis guy. So, when he’s taking a bath, his important things are in his bag, so the main character can show that he’s able and worthy to help.

…but he’s not able to. Hehe~

He’s trying to run away, but just makes it worse.

You know what happens now, ne~? You KNOW it!

He fails every other attempt to get these papers as well, since he can’t handle if someone looks at him.

Nya, finally a new character! She’s something like a witch, but she could be from every fairy tale… So I won’t say I know it.

And that’s the pumpkin coach from Aschenputtel.

They have to catch the tennis guy, but who will pull it? There aren’t any horses as usual.

The main character will do it!

But there are many people from school, how should he handle it? Even then there is a solution, similar to Gokudera’s: If you can’t see it, you won’t have problems with it.

She gives him the right coordination, like a controller. When the tennis guy is in sight, she tells him to brake, but that won’t work without brakes. ajajajaja~

He drives against a bench and the moe controller makes a lot of movements as she gets catapulted in the air.

Unfortunately she lands in the face of the person she wanted to help.

And IMPORTANT, first pantsu shot, it’s a pantsu Anime!!!!!!!

So he got K.O. and they could steal his resignation note after all. Win for the main characters!

Look look, Random Guy A is back and he brought Random Guy B and Random Guy C~

He still hasn’t had enough yet!

Using more random power and a stronger weapon they want to win against Taiga the Wolf. They almost hit her, but the usually rather cowardly main character becomes a shield for Taiga the Wolf.

That’s the chance to give him another Neko one-hit~

Now from both sides!

:3    3:

Yeah, the main character was useful!

The ED (without sound….)

That is pretty good to see, Taiga the Wolf with wolf ears, because she’s a wolf.


This story is from Aschenputtel again. Originally it is with the glass shoe.

In this case, find the right girl with this shoe with the most powerful kick!

WEAK! The next one! I need EXTREME, WOAHH!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhhhh, he found the right one! This is EXTREME!!!!!!!!!!!

And because he liked it so much, once again!

He loves it~ I wonder if he has seen pantsu!

So, that’s it for the review of Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi~

P.S. – The female main character isn’t really called Taiga the Wolf, I just like to call her that.

Neko Syounen Satiro-nyan~

6 Gedanken zu „Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi Review

  1. That… was a long article. xD But I feel like I have a good understanding of what type of series it is now. I like „Taiga’s“ outfit–red and black! And you’re right, she does look like an older Taiga, though her chest hasn’t changed…

    P.S. That purple-haired meganekko looks just like a character from my manga. >.>

  2. Ein bisschen sehr lang und ausführlich das Ganze. ^^‘ An sich aber schöne Vorstelleung der Serie. Dass die Serie auf Märchen aufbaut, ist sonst sicher kaum jemandem aufgefallen. So wirkt die Serie gleich schon gar nicht mehr so sinnlos.

  3. I watched this and it immediately became my favorite for the summer, i thought it looked like tiaga as well, and it looks like that was deliberate, Toradora is also a fav of mine.

  4. ..
    the reason I got interested in this anime in the first place was becasue I was thinking „Taaaigaaaaaa~“ when I saw a picture of her 030.

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