Picture Spam 1: Genderswap

Because I want to do what’s fun and I see from the poll that picture spam is relatively popular, I’ll make picture spams sometimes. Each one will have a different topic. This time, genderswap.

Kinoshita Hideyoshi is a girl now and Yuuko Hideyoshi is a boy, so he is now a reverse trap and his sister is a usual trap….or so~

Here we can see what happens when a pervert becomes a girl and a hyperactive girl becomes a boy.

Surely Kyonko has to be in such an article too!

And where Kyonko is, there has to be Mikuru’s male version as well!

Frrrrrrrrrrrreu! Superbi Squalo as a girl~ I knew it, Varia has more female members after all!

I don’t know what to say about the Code Geass main characters as lolis. Just one thing: MOE!!!

Hm, speaking of manly main characters as cute girls, there suddenly comes to mind Yuri from Tales of Vesperia with this picture:

Loli vampire becomes shota vampire~

Recognize this character?

Tsunako doesn’t look like Tsuna at all….

Female YuGiOh!

Bakura with pantyhose is moe!

My favorite picture (Hanyuu as a Shota is so cute too~!!!):

Here’s the next one:

Nyan, that’s it for the first picture spam!

Neko Syounen Satiro-nyan~

3 Gedanken zu „Picture Spam 1: Genderswap

  1. I like genderswap, it’s very interesting to me. ^^ It’s fun to see how people imagine the characters to be, and some end up becoming very popular (like Kyonko). And some are very creative… like the Code Geass lolis… xD

  2. Wow….. ._. Kyonko suprised me (Woah what´s that?? Kyon turned perfectly into a girl …..wait first of all….. is THAT really Kyon????? (female version))
    WTH these 4 from YuGiOh turned to girls??? *Mindcrash!!!!*
    And one last thing: Is that two in the first pic Touma and Misaka?????? O_O
    This is funny XD this is soooo funny *stomache hurts from laughing*

  3. Tsunako and the Code Geass characters as lolis are really hot! Genderswap can be really funny and make some characters hot ^^‘

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