Seme or Uke~?

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As first I start with an explanation nya.

That’s an usual couple:


A cool male part and a cute female part, that’s very typical~

The same by Shounen-ai and Shoujo-ai, but there are both parts male or female nya.



Loveless mind map 01

It’s a interesting thing for me.

I have always to think on the Seme=master and Uke=slave option.

I wonder how often it’s the case, that Uke’s are older than the Seme’s nya.

And are Onii-chan characters more Uke too? And can a Seme be cuter than a Uke? And what when 2 Uke’s fall in love to each other nya?

Well, when 2 Seme’s fall in love to each other, then happens exactly that, what happens every month very often, we get a new sheap Yaoi manga, which certain girls just read in the store and never buy. I hate it nya….

But Loveless was till now the best decide to buy a Manga!

Although I wait already a very long time and it’s still not out, Loveless 9. Argh, I can’t wait nya!

Anyways I have 2 sorts of male friends, the one site calls me Onii-chan, the other site deals with me as should I call them Onii-chan.

Well, I have just 2 Onii-chan’s, Neko and Nino~

Okay, I have still an Onee-chan, Stukasa-chan~

She has the most time for me. Cuddly Onee-chan~

*cuddles my Onee-chan and my Onii-chan’s*

I could never do that to the same time. Uguuu~

Anyways, Loveless showed me, the Uke can become after years to a Seme.

Then Soubi was as shota a Uke and lost already his cat ears on a person, who looks like himself, just older. N0wadays they look very similar, although Ritsu is older nya.

In my own statistic of my friends, are a lot more Uke’s fan from shota stuff than Seme’s. I wonder why~

Shota self is though always Uke, so they like it cute, but when they are Uke’s, they should actually like the other site. Or do they almost always like both sites nya?

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  1. Thanks for mentioning me! :3 It’s an interesting topic and there are a lot of things that could be said about it, but maybe a seme is naturally drawn to a uke and a uke is drawn to a seme? That’s how I see it, anyway. ^^

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